5 Quick Tips for Stress Relief during Pandemic and Protests

Unless you live off-grid, detached from the news, television, and the internet, you’re aware that 2020 has taken its toll. Lives have been altered by disease and illness, financial concerns and job stability have affected many, and social justice has taken center stage. No matter your viewpoints, your responses can include increased stress and anxiety. What can you do during this time for yourself? Try these 5 quick stress relief tips.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Telehealth Medicine

While the focus on COVID-19 fills almost every discussion on health nowadays, the fact remains that other illnesses are not social distancing. Heart attacks, stroke, and trauma are still filling the emergency rooms. Chronic conditions, cancer treatments, and some routine visits cannot be delayed. Providers are making changes to office visits and even expanding to telehealth. Here is what you need to know:

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COVID-19 Precautions For Your Everyday

While it may seem longer, most people have only been social distancing with additional shelter-in-place orders for only 30 days. Remember, the first ‘real’ shut down occurred with the NBA canceled their season on March 11th. As of today, April 12th, many across the country celebrated Easter Services remotely. Some states have closed school for the remainder of the academic year, and other states have extended orders through mid-May. Sometimes watching the daily news briefings can bring more questions than answers. Here are some answers to everyday questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind regarding COVID-19.

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How Classrooms Are Handling COVID-19

While it feels like forever, the COVID-19 pandemic started to affect the education of all students in March of 2020. Spring Breaks were first “extended”, then extended again for a few weeks finally with many schools in late April deciding that the rest of the school year would be remote.

Educators and students adjusted quickly to an online format, mainly just trying to ‘complete’ the school year amid the changing healthcare crisis.

During the summer of 2020, many states considered a “Phase 4” allowing a return to classroom instruction. However, on July 11, 2020, the CDC reported that the United States had 62,918 new reported cases COVID-19. What should you be considering with COVID-19 and the classroom?

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Social Distancing Party

These are crazy times. Normal life vs. Pandemic. How do we celebrate our milestones and still protect each other, our loved ones, and those at the highest risk of complications from COVID-19? Wanting to celebrate the end of high school and the departure for college, we had to get creative and host a social distancing graduation party. Since the next few months include holidays, and birthdays, we thought we would share our tips on what we learned and what we plan to do for the holidays.

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