KonMari Adventure: Tackling My Closet

I’m not going to claim I had a hideous closet and couldn’t find the clothes packed inside. What I do know is I have the worst time getting rid of something I do not wear. You just *never* know when you *might* need that black blouse or multicolored sweater last worn a decade ago. Besides, it’s in great condition! Like new! Ugh, does this sound like you? If so, you need to do what I did – take back control and tackle your closet and dresser using the KonMari method.

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Three Boys & Three Schools: Consider Yourself Warned

For the last two years, I have had three boys at three different schools.  Sounds like that should have been a piece of cake.  Yet I have spent the last two years juggling three different PTA, PTSA & Booster clubs (of COURSE they all had different names).  Three different school calendars of events.  Three different groups of after-school activities.  This might not seem like a lot – but at the end of a grueling two year saga of juggling it all, there are signs I might make it out intact.  Granted, with one week left to go I have a to-do list of 72 items and haven’t been home before 9pm the last two weeks of school, but I feel like the end is in sight.   Read more

Impromptu Closet Remodel – Make Room for the Shoes!

My only plan today was to grocery shop.  We left the boys at home with only three responsibilities:  make breakfast (they managed to cook three pounds of bacon and leave me only 11 slices), get dressed (they were still in there pajamas once we arrived home) and to make their beds (I didn’t even look after counting the bacon slices).  We started out early at Fresh Thyme for our fruits and veggies, then off to Target for some staples before our last store opened at 10am.  Then Costco happened.

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