Five Fabulous Finds: Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes you just find a product or website that helps you look and feel your best! What good would it be if I didn’t spread the word on my five favorite fabulous finds! Check out these five items that I pamper myself with each day – while you might have heard about most of these – almost no one knows what I use for my “angry eyes”!

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Monet Hair Care – Putting the brakes on hair loss

After having three kids I thought the ups & downs with hormonal hair changes were in the past.  Boy, did my hair have other ideas.  In 2015 I started to experience hair loss & thinning more then I ever had before with no real reason.  My doctor did an entire panel of labs to see if there was something that could be the cause.  Every lab came back normal.  I tired almost everything on the market, including Rogaine, and nothing helped.  Then in late 2016 I was introduced to something that finally made a difference – Monat Hair Care Read more