5 Quick Tips for Stress Relief during Pandemic and Protests

Unless you live off-grid, detached from the news, television, and the internet, you’re aware that 2020 has taken its toll. Lives have been altered by disease and illness, financial concerns and job stability have affected many, and social justice has taken center stage. No matter your viewpoints, your responses can include increased stress and anxiety. What can you do during this time for yourself? Try these 5 quick stress relief tips.

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Three Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is our overall psychological and emotional well-being. It’s much more than just a diagnosis.  It involves the way you feel about yourself and others. It includes your ability to manage your feelings and deal with every day conflicts. 

At times taking care of your mental health can mean seeking professional support and treatment.  It can also include taking personal steps towards improving your own emotional health on a daily basis.  Making small changes can improve all areas of your life including your mood, attitude, and overall outlook on life.  

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