See The World

Traveling our great state of Illinois.
Our amazing van carries us & our gear as we see our great country:
The Midwest. Colorado. East Coast.
Flying takes us where our van can’t. Overseas Adventures. Ireland. France. Belgium.
So much to see, too few beaches visited. Trying to work on that…
Hopefully the posts below will help initate plans for your own adventure!

Mystery Trip: Destination Unknown (Part 2)

I have only one month. Thirty days. Departure from ORD to who knows where. I ...
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Mystery Trip: Destination Unknown (Part I)

I still can't believe I agreed to this. In three short months, I will be ...
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Ireland: Family history atop Nephin mountain

Sometimes an adventure can take you far beyond your wildest imagination. In 2017 we took ...
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Irish Ancestry: Addergoole Cemetery, County Mayo

Exploring an unknown country by car for 12 days can be an adventure, especially when ...
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