School Mom

Every wonder when you will need to use those Algebra skills?  When your kids take algebra.

By the third boy I should remember how.  Currently in the last year of having three boys at three different schools.  Part of me wants to tell you it gets easier.  Part of me laughs as I type that.  Read all about our education adventures below.

Covid-19 Return to Classroom Plans for our College, High School, and Junior High kids

The posts on Facebook say it all. Team "they must go back" and Team "keep them online" ...
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Pandemic Photo Shoot

These last few months have been weird. There's school but it's all online. We work (both essential ...
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Class of 2020: Senior Year Quarantined

I had *really* high hopes for 2020. January did not start out how I had hoped and ...
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Distance Learning Begins

Tomorrow our spring break is "officially" over. Normally there is a mix of "I can't wait to ...
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Seeing the World in Color: Enchroma Glasses Review

We first realized our middle son, Carter, was color blind when he was in kindergarten during Parent-Teacher ...
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Electronic Storage: Technology Gadget Organization

With our technology collection growing it is becoming harder and harder to convince the boys there was ...
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Three Boys & Three Schools: Consider Yourself Warned

For the last two years, I have had three boys at three different schools.  Sounds like that ...
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School Year Tradition – Dr Seuss “Oh The Places You’ll Go”

How can this school year be over already?  I am pretty certain I still have back to ...
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PTA / PTSA Volunteer Thank You Ideas

With almost a dozen years of PTA / PTSA volunteer years under my belt, you'd think I ...
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