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Career in nursing that began as a CNA.  Followed by Registered RN; MSN Nursing Leadership;  and next Family Nurse Practitioner post-master certification.  My nursing moto: Never stop learning via continued education, evidence-based research & practice and collaboration with colleagues.  Posts below encompass nursing:  nursing school, changes in healthcare, plus some of insights from the patient perspective.

*Disclaimer: This blog does not provide medical advice. Be advised information provided is opinion & should not be taken as medical advice. There is no substitute for the face to face relationship between a medical provider and patient. See your physician, osteopath, nurse practitioner, or other qualified and licensed health care provider regarding any questions you have about your personal health or medical condition. 

A Fib Returns after Ablation

Today, I woke up with a headache. Not a migraine, just an all-over-eye-strain-didn't-sleep-right headache. With ...
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10 Things From My Hospital Stay After My Cardiac Ablation

It has been a year since my short stint as a patient.  Thankfully after undergoing ...
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Nursing Portfolio: Keep Nursing CE/CEU, Memberships & Licensure Organized!

Nursing school is the ultimate test of organization. Organizing study notes, clinical hours, clinical notes, ...
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No, He Really COULDN’T Hear Me: Hearing Loss in Grade School

Unexpected Diagnosis: Hearing Loss in 2nd Grade With a household of three boys, quiet isn't ...
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When the APN becomes the Patient – Cardiac Ablation

I have taken care of many patients over the past dozen years.  Each patient gives ...
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Atrial Fibrillation – Nine Years of Management till Cardiac Ablation

I still remember the look on the RN and ER tech face in 2012 as ...
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