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I have over 649 photos on my iPhone (I know, not an earthshattering number, but it’s a lot for me!).  I am always afraid I am going to lose my favorite photos. I also hate just “dumping” the photos on to a “cloud”. While I take a lot of photos, but I don’t need to save ALL of them.  With over 40k photos on my laptop and more on the phone, how do I save the ones I want?  

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I have over 40k photos on my laptop and felt the need to have another backup system in place.  While I backup my laptop on an external hard drive, I still wanted my photos easily accessible. I started using Shutterfly in 2008 for mainly using it to made albums, calendars, and even reusable shopping bags.  Most photos were with my Canon (currently using a Canon EOS Rebel) and love it – but I don’t carry it with me everywhere. 

Most pictures in the last few years have been taken with my iPhone. I absolutely love taking photos – sometimes daily! With the advancements in phone technology, you take pics at a moment’s notice. It’s hard to keep track of all the photos on my phone.  Automatic uploading to a “cloud” with each photo taken just wasn’t an option for me. I don’t need EVERY photo saved.  I also wanted to have them somewhat organized, even if it was organized chaos. 

Since I had been using Shutterfly, I hoped that the system I had in place would work for mobile uploads.  I had folders already set up of each year, vacation, etc. so adding a few more folders might just work. Here is how it looks from the desktop view. I set up the folders via the desktop (found it a bit easier this way).

Last year (2019) I set up my mobile Shutterfly account and made three individual folders to “throw” my pictures in.  Instagram (I just love my square pics and filters!), iPhoto pics and one folder for my husband’s photos to archive. At the end of each month, my goal was to upload prior month pics and then clear my phone of old pics! Creating an album is super easy – just click on “Create Album” and you’re ready to go!

So, in January 2019 I added iPhone and Instagram folders to my Shutterfly account. By December 2019 my system had been in place the entire year. It worked PERFECTLY so I am doing it again for 2020!  I couldn’t believe it was so easy to upload. Then I would delete the extra pics on my phone at the beginning of each month.  I never ran out of storage on my phone this year – even with all my videos! The best part is when you upload, Shutterfly tells you if you already saved a pic (little “S” in the corner). There is no way to duplicate saved pics!    

When uploading, I always start with my Instagram pics. Some quick easy steps and you’ll have your pics uploaded in no time!

  • Open Shutterfly App
  • Click Upload (keep Manual selected at the top (vs. Automatic) otherwise it’ll save everything)
  • Now you’ll see all your albums on your phone – pick Instagram
  • Click on the ones you want to upload (if it has the “S” it’s already saved!
  • Hit Upload
  • Select “Add to Album”
  • For this pic, I picked “Instagram 2020”

Try it! You save your favorite photos and now have a quick way to make photo albums, calendars, and more! 

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  • March 10, 2020 at 21:01

    I know what you mean about taking lots of photos. I have the same dilemma as you so I downloaded Amazon. I never heard of Shutterfly before, that’s great to know.


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