So many titles & job roles as MOM!  While there are many subtitles of being a mom – these tend to be the ones I wear the most! Check out each category for some of the latest posts – or look below for all posts MOM! It really is the best title in the world!

SCHOOL MOM:  Every wonder when you will need to use those Algebra skills?  When your kids take algebra. By the third boy I should remember how.  Toughest time?  Three boys at three different schools.

ORGANIZED MOM:  Keeping it all straight & not losing anything (or anyone) is a superpower. Three schools. Three different PTA, PTSA, Booster organizations. Two adults working shift schedules. Sports activities. School Activities.  Keeping the house straight with tips and tricks I learned from my own Grandma.

BAND MOM: Trumpet, percussion, and percussion. Friday night lights in this house focus around the halftime show of the marching band. Did you know they actually keep playing football after the band performs? Craziness.  Brings me back to my own high school days when I was on the football field performing with the Color Guard.  I can still twirl that flag.

SPORTS MOM: Hockey Goalie Mom. Swimming. Diving. Golf. So much laundry.  So many games.  So many practices.  If we aren’t playing we are watching Chicago Sports: Blackhawks. Cubs. Bears. Bulls.  Heard chatter that we have another baseball team, too.

GEEK MOM:  IN THIS HOUSE:  We feel the force.  We wait patiently at age 11 for an owl.  We can assemble.  I even know the difference between Captain America, Hawkeye, Star-Lord, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Thor. When we ask about Dr. Who we are not seeking clarification.  These little gamers have grown up on Mario, Minecraft, Xbox – but I can still claim victory on the Nintendo NES system Super Mario Brothers.

HEART MOM:  Heart Mom is a title worn with pride.  Baby Boy #3 diagnosed in-utero at the 20-week ultrasound which gave us 16 weeks to research & prepare for his arrival (that’s right – he decided to arrive 4 weeks early).  His official diagnosis is currently Shones Complex with aortic and mitral valve defects, s/p coarctation repair.  Two heart surgeries down, more to go as he grows.   Hoping science advances faster than him to allow for less invasive procedures.

They Need to Eat:  For some reason, these children want to eat three meals a day, EVERY day. So I attempt to nourish them when my amazing husband isn’t home to cook.  Ask my boys what they eat when dad is on shift?  Spaghetti.  The revolt occurred in 2016 and I can only make that every other month.  I am getting more creative.  Thank you, Pinterest.

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