Five years later…

You might not realize this but we are finishing up a full five years of Irish Monarchy. Needless to say, life always seems to get in the way of best intentions. With the past three years really shaking up life, had a decision to make with this website. Close it down or double down.

You would think, that with a three year pandemic that I would have found time to focus on a few things. Website. Blogging. Scrapbooking. Genealogy. Exercise. Home Improvement. Cooking. Baking. I mean, I can really list a lot more of things I should could been focused on. So what happened these past three years to slow down the first two?

The Beginning

The first years of Irish Monarchy were SO. MUCH. FUN. I actually spent waaaay too much time going through old posts. That is when I cooked! (STILL LOVE MY INSTANT POT!) And did mystery trips! (our first one was grand!)

The Middle

Then 2020 hit. As you know, I had high hopes for 2020 (never doing THAT again) and that just continued the downward spiral.

Then, in 2021, my own physical ailment took hold – shingles. Then a curve ball that I didn’t even see coming – job change. Full time nurse practitioner to school nurse. Don’t worry, I still love being a nurse practitioner. I love it even more as I now only moonlight a few times a month in the urgent care setting.

In 2022, I took a crazy leap and merged another website (Nursing Decoded) onto Irish Monarchy (you know, to streamline everything) and while I loved the results, all the posts were then dated for April 2022. Not cool, technology. Not. Cool.

Then the rest of 2022 happened.

High School Graduation.
Junior High Graduation.
Finished year one of new position.
Rescued a puppy.
Freshman year summer marching band camps
Planning two kids off to college – one in state, one out of country.
Two week Ireland adventures.
Recovering from Covid.
Adjusting to one kid at home, with no teenage drivers to assist (the struggle is real).
Finishing crochet projects.
Wisdom teeth removal x 2 kids.

And now, it is 2023.

The Now

See how quickly that happened? 2017 to 2023 in a blink of an eye.

So now what do I plan to do?

Keep being me.

Since it is January 1st, and have no plans to make this year my year, I just plan to pick up where I left off. Going to put into words the Nursing Decoded education I’ve been doing these past three years, and finally sit down and spell out (in full sentences) the adventures that have occurred this past few years. And, boy, has it been an adventure!

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