Career in Medicine.  Focus in Nursing – currently a MSN-prepared board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Advocate for CHD research, funding and education.  Advocate to inform and educate about personal health.  Promoting healthy lifestyle of exercise & good habits for the young and not-getting-younger crowd – all via NURSING DECODED. Visit each category to read the latest posts -or- scroll to the bottom for a summary of my many MEDICINE posts!

*Disclaimer: This blog does not provide medical advice. Be advised information provided is opinion & should not be taken as medical advice. There is no substitute for the face to face relationship between a medical provider and patient. See your physician, osteopath, nurse practitioner, or other qualified and licensed health care provider regarding any questions you have about your personal health or medical condition.

RN / APRN: Here’s a peek into my own personal journey in nursing!  Career that began as a CNA while earning my BS in Biology.  Followed by Registered RN in an Associate Degree program; then my MSN Nursing Leadership; followed by my APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) with my Family Nurse Practitioner post-master certification.  My nursing moto: Never stop learning via continued education, evidence-based research & practice and collaboration with colleagues.  Posts below encompass nursing:  nursing school, changes in healthcare, plus some of insights from the patient perspective.

NURSING DECODED:  We are nurses.  We are nurse practitioners.  We are providers. We have spent years at the bedside caring for patients and their families and listening to issues, concerns, and worries.  Each day we answer questions on medications, treatment plans, recovery, and navigating our healthcare systems. While the answers may be out there ‘somewhere’ on the internet, it is difficult to know where to look, how to find the answers, and what information is to be believed. We invite you to our classroom, Nursing Decoded, on the Teachable platform.  Learn via your desktop computer or on the go via your phone or tablet. Educate yourself on the areas of healthcare that you want answers to.  Grow with us as our course selection grows; from basic medical questions, preventative care, healthcare system navigation tips and tricks, unexpected surgery, and more.

CHD: Congenital Heart Defects:  Research, information and education regarding Congenital Heart Defects.  Many do not realize how common heart defects occur – it is the number one defect affecting newborns.  Mom to an amazing heart warrior who has undergone two heart surgeries at ages 4 days old & 2 years old.

Get Strong:  Novice Runner – started at age 38. Sidelined at age 45 after a bout with Shingles (on my ear!)  Next up – Spin Classes. Attempts boot camp every so often. Nothing more motivating then taking care of patients in their 70’s & 80’s and asking what their lifestyle habits have been throughout their lifetime.  Not a scientific study by any means – but the conclusions are get moving, keep moving, and build those muscles.

Science:  My love of science started in grade school.  I still remember learning about the scientific method.  Heading to the museums in Chicago only fed my passion.  When I couldn’t decide in high school what my career path would be it was an easy choice to start with a degree in biology. Every chance possible with the boys I try to incorporate importance of our environment, how our daily habits affect our world and seeking answers to questions using data & not just opinions.

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