Heart Mom

Heart Mom is a title worn with pride.  Baby Boy #3 diagnosed in-utero at the 20 week ultrasound which gave us 16 weeks to research & prepare for his arrival (that’s right – he decided to arrive 4 weeks early).  His official diagnosis is currently Shones Complex with aortic and mitral valve defects, coarctation repair.  Two heart surgeries down, more to go as he grows.   Hoping science advances faster than he grows to allow for less invasive procedures.  Read all about our heart adventures below.

Camp Odayin 2023: Summer Camp (and more!) for Heart Warriors

What better way to celebrate spring - start planning summer camps! Nothing makes me happier in ...
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Number One Birth Defect: Congenital Heart Defect

That title may sound shocking. The truth is that nearly 1 in 100 babies born each ...
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Camp Odayin Review: Summer Camp for Children with Heart Disease

With summer fast approaching, we started to take a peek at the plans for the summer ...
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My Heart Mom Journey – my son’s CHD History

First, do you know what CHD stands for?  I know I didn't 10 years ago.  Yet ...
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No, He Really COULDN’T Hear Me: Hearing Loss in Grade School

Unexpected Diagnosis: Hearing Loss in 2nd Grade With a household of three boys, quiet isn't a ...
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