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After having three kids I thought the ups & downs with hormonal hair changes were in the past.  Boy, did my hair have other ideas.  In 2015 I started to experience hair loss & thinning more then I ever had before with no real reason.  My doctor did an entire panel of labs to see if there was something that could be the cause.  Every lab came back normal.  I tired almost everything on the market, including Rogaine, and nothing helped.  Then in late 2016 I was introduced to something that finally made a difference – Monat Hair Care     This page may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.

Hair loss History…

Early 2015 I was finishing the last few weeks of my nurse practitioner program, working 40hrs a week and doing clinical 10-20hrs a week.  I was a tad busy.  Slightly stressed.  It showed in my hair.  My hair was so long and pretty at the time & was quickly horrified.  I was losing hair in good size clumps in the shower.  I cut most of it off to lessen the visual trauma, but it didn’t stop it from falling out.  Eventually the epic shed tapered off but the damage was done.  Easily my hair was 25% thinner and didn’t feel like it was growing at all.  I was determined to do something, anything to reverse what had happened.

Over the next two years I tested & tried everything.  Thyroid – ok.  Vitamin D levels – improved.  Drank more milk.  More protein in my diet.  Vitamins.  I even kept my cut on the shorter side to help prevent damage from styling & washing.  Yet each time I took a shower & washed my hair the shower drain told the story of my losing battle.  After a year I broke down and tried Rogaine for six months with no noticeable changes. I had finally started to accept the fact this might be my new normal.

One Last Attempt…

Then my sister sent me a link to a Monat marketing partner.  I followed the link and started researching products.  Honestly, at this point I really didn’t have much to lose.  I asked about the different products and finally settled on the Densify Duo System.  This is the shampoo and intense repair treatment that is spritzed on the hair after each wash.  I also got the Intense Repair Conditioner.

What is Monat? What is so special?  While their website goes into great detail – what caught my attention was their dedication to  “naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable” ingredients.  They use essential & botanical oils.  They also use NO toxic ingredients.  No animal testing.  No harmful colors or fragrances.  Here is the list behind the science of Monat and of everything that their products do. not. have.

So I wanted to give it a shot.  I did sign up for the VIP program.  VIP program equals VIP pricing (15% off) and free shipping.  They also send you free products with each qualifying flex ship order!  So far I have enjoyed Super Moisture Mask, Air Dry Cream &  Curl Cream.  Only downside is that the shipping is automatic every 60 days – you can defer your shipment and thankfully they do give you a heads up via email.  Once everything was ordered I patiently waiting for my products to arrive.

My first reaction when I opened up the box was “this is it!?!?”  The bottles looked SO tiny (each bottle has about 8 oz) – slight shock after the price I paid.  How in the world were these two little bottles going to last me two months?  Two months is the “usual” auto-renewal timeframe for the VIP purchasing plan.  I took a deep breath, read the instructions (yes, there are instructions) and put them in the shower with strict instructions that no one is to touch my stuff *insert devil eyes look to Mr. Teenage GQ*

Monat Hair Care Results

The instructions for my Densify Duo Systems and Intense Conditioner are pretty simple.  Wet the hair & use a “generous” amount.  Leave in about 2-3 minutes, rinse and repeat.  Conditioner was also as simple; squeeze excess water, massage into hair and scalp and rinse.  I did get additional instructions from my Monat marketing partner and the internet to use about a dime/nickel size amount for each wash.

Shower drains tells no lies.

Within two weeks of using this systems there was significantly less hair falling out each time I showered.  This was huge for me.  However over the next few months, what really became noticeable was that my hair looked healthier & felt stronger.  I didn’t feel that I had to baby these tresses anymore.  Better yet, I started to let my hair grow again.  I wasn’t afraid of the hair loss – and my shorter hair could be long again.

And those small 8oz bottles?  They have been lasting me about 4 months each.  I generally wash my hair usually 2-3 times per week and that little amount of shampoo goes a long way – even with the two washes each shower.

Next on my list – Monat Volume System.  Everyone that I have talked to who uses this says the results are as promised.  This would be used for my second wash during the shower.  I never had volume even before the epic hair loss saga so I will be interested to see the results!

What are you waiting for?!? Sign up for VIP now (really, you can’t beat the 15% off, free shipping and free flex ship product).  Not only will your hair be on the road to tip top shape, but ordering through this marketing parter, Katie, will help fund & research a cure towards Cystic Fibrosis.  Her oldest daughter, Vita, is afflicted with this disease.  Katie decided to become a marketing partner & is using the proceeds from her sales to donate towards research and finding a cure!  Look good and feel good for more than just your hair!



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