Book *Wine* Club 2018 Recap

Another busy year for Book *Wine* Club. Considering a handful of members had some major life events this year – 2018 included kids entering their freshman year in high school, moving, job changes and more. We are happy we squeezed in what we were able to when we did! Here is our 2018 recap of books!

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Our first nine years of book club covered over 54 books. We most certainly wanted to start year ten with some strong books, and reflecting back on year ten it seems as we had unknowing themes emerge. Survival. Endurance. Perseverance.

Discussion Books in 2018

All five of the books we read in 2018 were worthy of your attention. We didn’t really have a “pick me up” book selection, which is ok. I am certain all of us squeezed in a quick read over the year. But all of these books made all of us think outside our comfort zone and remember the obstacles others face outside our suburban bubble.

My reading isn’t limited to book *wine* club selections (neither is my wine, but that’s another post). In between our evenings of catching up and reviewing (even in brief) our latest book – we all tend to flip through additional books on our own time.

This year was no exception. I’ll admit, I spent the first half of the year scrapbooking a K-8th grade album, traveling to Disney and traveling to Boston/New York/Dallas. Then the latter half of 2018 was spent helping a certain freshman navigate his first year of high school. He finally had to admit that a little elbow grease was needed and to actually study for his courses. A mom crash course in organizing study notes, ways to study and what to study was my “evening reading time” for quite a few weeks. I won’t bore you with Honor Biology, Honors Reading or Intro to Healthcare topics. It did, however, bring my own reading to a screeching halt.

Then in October, I was invited to an author talk for the Arlington Heights Libary “One Book, One Village” series. The author, Lisa Genova, spoke on her book, Every Note Played. I have to admit, I hadn’t read it. I also didn’t finish her book Still Alice (but I did see the movie) from our own book club list. Probably not the attitude you should bring to an author book discussion. Her speaking style was so inspiring. Uplifting, honest and sincere. The audience was just as engaging and a few questions and stories brought me to tears. The evening did inspire me to head the library that week and check out & read three of her books:

Each one brings you into the world of neurological diseases and how it affects the main character. ALS (Lou Gerigs Disease). Alzheimer’s. Huntington’s Disease. While some of these diseases are more common than others, they affect real people. Her books bring you into the world of those afflicted with the disease and how it also impacts their loved ones.

2019 Collection – Ready to Read!

My goal in 2019 is to read 25 books. Thankfully I have no one graduating and only one trip planned. I am keeping track of my progress on my Goodreads list this year and hope I exceed my goals. Since we are surrounded by 24-hour news, phone alerts and can easily go down the rabbit hole with Twitter and Instagram feeds, I hope 2019 finds more time for all of us to include more books over electronics. Happy reading.

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