Girls Only

Ok, this isn’t a “Girls Only” area – sometimes the husband is involved – generally these are things I actually do without kids. Feel free to check out the latest in each category or scroll below for the latest in Girls Only! (Boys can look, too!)

Book *Wine* Club:  We started reading as a group because our kids had to read in school, so why shouldn’t we?  Because of said kids, we get to have alcohol while we “discuss” said books.

Genealogy: I have been using for years and have a handful of family members also participating (doing a much better job than I am!).  We have analyzed our DNA with Ancestry.  Sad to report my Irish heritage is not as high as I would like it to have been.  Amazing to research your families past mainly because almost all ancestors have skeletons in their closets.

I Feel Pretty: Highlighting the latest and greatest items that I find & use – almost always at a discount.  Love to shop for clothes & finding new ways to buy at a low cost is always a fun challenge.  Of course, I am always willing to pay for quality.  I’ll let you know if I find anything worth the price.

Creative Side: Scrapbooking, photography and crocheting are my craft weaknesses.  When my oldest started 8th grade I hadn’t started his Preschool – 8th Grade Album.   Many sleepless nights occurred but the book was ready for his graduation celebration.  Told myself I would be prepared when the middle boy started junior high.  Guess who starts 8th grade in the fall.  Oops.  Then there is my 2017 project of my crochet daily temperature blanket.

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