Get Strong

Novice Runner – started at age 38.  Attempts boot camp every so often. Nothing more motivating then taking care of patients in their 70’s & 80’s and asking what their lifestyle habits have been throughout their lifetime.  Not a scientific study by any means – but the conclusions are get moving, keep moving, and build those muscles.

A Fib Returns after Ablation

Today, I woke up with a headache. Not a migraine, just an all-over-eye-strain-didn't-sleep-right headache. With the headache came a bit ...
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Chicago Marathon – Professional Spectator Plan

Forget about a day off school.  Forget about Columbus Day sales.  When October rolls around in Chicagoland it means that ...
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Running Challenge: Novice Runner vs. Hot Chocolate 15k

My husband recently has set a goal of running a marathon.  I'm a self-proclaimed professional marathon spectator, therefore will not be ...
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Most out-of-shape skinny girl starts running

By looking at me you might think that I have spent my entire life as a runner, biker, or at the ...
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