Genealogy – because your ancestors really did have skeletons in their closet & the past can be fascinating.   Everyone starts with a  basic family tree project at some point in their grade school career – and my desire to research the past keeps growing.  Thankfully my aunt & mom continue to make strides on a few branches of my tree.  I also spend time researching my husband’s family trees.  My family has only been in the United States for about 125 years.  My husband’s family appears to have been here since the early settlements.  Some hidden surprises with DNA discoveries have also surfaced – and knowing just a little bit always makes us want to know more!

Ireland: Family history atop Nephin mountain

Sometimes an adventure can take you far beyond your wildest imagination. In 2017 we took a driving ...
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Irish Ancestry: Addergoole Cemetery, County Mayo

Exploring an unknown country by car for 12 days can be an adventure, especially when you're 40-ish ...
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