Creative Craft Side

Scrapbooking, photography and crocheting are my craft weaknesses.   There’s also the cross-stitch project from 1993.  In odd years I have attempted daily projects (I usually need a year to recover from this).  See what has taken over the dining room table in the posts below!

Shutterfly Photo Storage for Mobile Uploads

I have over 649 photos on my iPhone (I know, not an earthshattering number, but it’s a lot for me!) ...
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Sunshine Award

Blogging can be a handful of things. Fun pastime. Side hustle. Adventure documentation. An unexpected side effect of blogging are ...
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Mystery Blogger Award

Some days I sit here and type and wonder...does anyone even look at my blog? I, of course, enjoy the ...
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Daily Photo Challenge 2015 & PastBook Success

I knew 2015 was going to be a big year for me.  I was finishing my nurse practitioner degree program, ...
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Daily Challenge: 2017 Crochet Temperature Blanket

Christmas. 1986.  This was the year my Aunt Sheila gave me a homemade orange crochet bag filled with yarn, crochet ...
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