Instant Pot Egg Bites

I have the worst sweet tooth in the morning. My go-to breakfast is usually something sugar-based such as a donut, coffee cake, muffin, waffles, french toast…..yum! There are also times that savory is the way I want to start my day and my weakness is egg-bites. At almost five bucks a pop for this on-the-go breakfast, I don’t indulge very often. Then I realized I could make these at home…

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Thanksgiving Dinner: Impressing Grandma & Grandpa with Martha & Marley Spoon

Last Thanksgiving my parents decided they couldn’t host.  On top of that, my husband was on-duty, which meant that if there was going to be a turkey, I would have to be cooking.  If that wasn’t scary enough, I would actually have to go out and shop for food.  This was more than a few frozen bags of veggies and some poultry.  We’re talking turkey, dressing, vegetables, dessert.  I was panicked.  Then a miracle happened.  Martha & Marley Spoon emailed me. 

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Instant Pot – First Attempt at Spaghetti

I finally broke down and purchased the highly acclaimed (in our mom circle) Instant Pot.  I have been thinking about buying one for a few months now – more so after a said moms starting give the kitchen appliance rave reviews.  To validate my new toy, I felt the need to make something in it.  I owned it less than 24 hours before I tried our meal for the boys – here is the rundown on my first attempt at spaghetti.   Read more

Marley Spoon – Our month of meals for family of 5

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My husband enjoys cooking & creates amazing meals for our family.  He also works every third evening – which means the firefighters are probably eating better than we are.  I do have my go-to meals: spaghetti, porcupine meatballs & a few other favorite dishes, but when you’re the only parent trying to get home from work, manage homework & shuttle between various after-school practices the “go-to meals” usually turn into fast food.

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