Five Fabulous Finds: Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes you just find a product or website that helps you look and feel your best! What good would it be if I didn’t spread the word on my five favorite fabulous finds! Check out these five items that I pamper myself with each day – while you might have heard about most of these – almost no one knows what I use for my “angry eyes”!

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Ireland: Family history atop Nephin mountain

Sometimes an adventure can take you far beyond your wildest imagination.  In 2017 we took a driving adventure around Ireland with hopes to visit the area that my great-great-grandparents raised their family before their children started to travel to America.  We planned to drive to County Mayo, explore a cemetery or two, and drive through the town our ancestors called home.  Our giddy excitement on our plans sent our current Ireland family on a search on other possible places to visit – and found the diamond in the rough.  

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Irish Ancestry: Addergoole Cemetery, County Mayo

Exploring an unknown country by car for 12 days can be an adventure, especially when you’re 40-ish years old driving your 60-ish-year-old mother and 16-year-old niece around.  We made a great trio and did we had goals. Some were to explore Ireland and learn more about there area where my great-grandparents lived before immigrating to Chicago.  Since my mom & her sister have spent many years researching our ancestry so we knew quite a bit.  They lived in County Mayo, from a small town called Crossmolina.  We even had a cemetery name of their final resting place – Addergoole Cemetery.  Mom was determined to visit but after a Google Earth search and satellite view, I was a little leary on our adventure.  To put it simply – it looked spooky.

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Daily Photo Challenge 2015 & PastBook Success

I knew 2015 was going to be a big year for me.  I was finishing my nurse practitioner degree program, oldest son was starting his last year in grade school, and I was turning 40.  I wanted to capture the year differently and not just by a few pages in a scrapbook.  I had a photographer friend who was challenging others to do a daily photo challenge. Challenge accepted. I was ready & starting on January 1st I took one picture each day on Instagram.

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Daily Challenge: 2017 Crochet Temperature Blanket

Christmas. 1986.  This was the year my Aunt Sheila gave me a homemade orange crochet bag filled with yarn, crochet hooks and lessons on how make that yarn into something.  Over the years I perfected my rows and could always knock out a mean granny square.  While I have made little blankets for family and friends newborn babies, I never took the time to make a “large” blanket for just myself.  So in late 2016, 30 years after I was introduced to the art by Aunt Sheila, I put myself up to challenge of a daily crochet temperature blanket.

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Book *Wine* Club – Nine Year Reading History

November 14th 2008.

This was the night of the first Book Club.  Considering many of us were juggling newborns and toddlers as well as working – we were impressed we pulled off the first book club. We probably weren’t drinking much either.  My, how times have changed.  Back in 2008, we started out with the simple fact that our elementary school required the kids to read 30 minutes a day.  If we had to watch them read, what better way to reinforce the importance of reading but to read along side them! Read more

Monet Hair Care – Putting the brakes on hair loss

After having three kids I thought the ups & downs with hormonal hair changes were in the past.  Boy, did my hair have other ideas.  In 2015 I started to experience hair loss & thinning more then I ever had before with no real reason.  My doctor did an entire panel of labs to see if there was something that could be the cause.  Every lab came back normal.  I tired almost everything on the market, including Rogaine, and nothing helped.  Then in late 2016 I was introduced to something that finally made a difference – Monat Hair Care Read more