About Me

Organized perfectionist.
Gifted procrastinator.

Irish Monarchy:  I’m a 40-something married lady navigating each day with a full time career, full time household. When you are the only girl in a house of all boys – you earn the right to declare yourself the Queen. With this power I run my kingdom. Hoping to share the chaos, shortcuts and surprises while trying to make it all happen & savoring the moments.

I’m tired.

Join me for adventures – maybe something we do will spark an idea. You’ll explore my hometown. Read about aspects of health & healthcare from a different perspective. Maybe you’ll look at nursing for a career or see a different viewpoint if you are a current RN.  Maybe my crazy days with my boys will give you a laugh – they most certainly keep me smiling!

Three boys juggling school academic programs (thank goodness they aren’t in three different schools anymore!), shuttling between sports teams, band practice, school activities, doctor appointments (cardiology, audiology & good ol’ fashion routine care).

Full-time Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) who started in the healthcare field as a CNA then after a few vagabond years in various fields went back to school to become a Registered Nurse (RN), then earned a MSN, followed by Family Nurse Practitioner degree.  Promoting health is just as important.  I attempt to practice what I preach with healthy eating (when I actually cook), running & boot camp (when I show up).  I also spend time on the “other side” of healthcare as the mom to a spunky CHD (congenital heart defect) warrior who has undergone two heart surgeries and will someday have more.  Oh, and he can’t hear a damn thing & it’s not because he is just ignoring me.

Every day should be an adventure and we spend it exploring Chicago & our amazing suburbs.  Disney – my boys are semi-pros.  Europe & Ireland have also been explored. We LOVE going to the movies. If we have a day off of school we plan an adventure – which is really just a ploy to keep my house clean. It’s my evil little secret – they can’t mess it up when we aren’t home.

Well, it’s not really girls only – but there are no kids involved.